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Who we are
Wag-N-Train is a small all-breed dog rescue located in rural central Utah, Sanpete County. We have no paid staff, all of our work being done by amazing volunteers. All of our funding comes from donations from caring people who love dogs, and from periodic fundraising events in our community and online, primarily through Facebook.  We have no physical facility.



What we do
We work closely with animal control in the seven municipal pounds in Sanpete County to help dogs who are lost and abandoned. Because we are so small and have no physical facility, we network closely with other rescue groups in Utah and surrounding states to move Sanpete dogs to rescues with larger population bases and more resources for fostering, vet care, and adoption events.


The number of animals we have in the last two years:


   2016: 116 dogs and 23 cats

   2017: 106 dogs and 14 cats

   2018: (as of July 31) 76 dogs and 9 cats

We have a 90+% save rate - This means that we are able to pull more than 90% (closer to 95% actually) from local pounds before they are euthanized (usually for severe health and/or behavior issues) and transfer them to rescue partners who have more resource to help and rehome them. We have twice received recognition for helping our local shelters to achieve "no kill" status (which is a 90+% save rate). We have an excellent rapport with all of the shelters in Sanpete County and work hard to help every dog in need.

For the most part, we are not able to take in owner-surrendered dogs, but we are happy to provide resources for families. Go to our information and resource page to see some of our rescue partners.



Help and resources
We want to help the community and/or offer resources for Sanpete County residents. Depending on the circumstance, and our own financial ability at any given time, we may be able to help with dog food on a temporary basis for those families who are struggling financially; we may be able to help with the cost of spay/neuter and/or vaccinations. We may be able to help raise money for emergency medical care for injured animals. We have many rescue/resource connections and can share information that may help with these issues, and others. We do a lot of referrals.

Wag-N-Train runs the
Sanpete Lost and Found Facebook page, helping to reunite pets of all types with their families.



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